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IMPORTANT: DIGIUM, The Asterisk® Company will be at BeFree 2017

We have a very exciting news for all those wizards of the 3rd edition of the only event of its kind on telecommunications Open Source in Mexico:

Representatives of DIGIUM AS A GOLD SPONSOR:
BeFree – “The Open Source Passport To The Internet of Things”

Why is it important and because you have to attend?

Nearly two decades, Asterisk, the open source tools, has made it easier for developers to design and build their own telephony applications in a way that you can adjust better to the objectives of your organization.

Asterisk was developed by Mark Spencer, which came out of their need as an entrepreneur of a small start-up to find a solution of communications.

Using Linux, Asterisk was built as an alternative to expensive telephone systems that were based on proprietary hardware and software.

Asterisk quickly became the leader project of open source telephony, providing a solution of powerful communications in the hands of companies, non-profit organizations, governments and communities around the world.

Asterisk has served as a catalyst for the idea that the powerful communications tools should be accessible to people and organizations of all sizes, and has been the entry point for creative communications options, almost without limits in business and beyond…

You can access some representatives and Brilliant minds that keep the Asterisk project:Open Source Telephony System

Official representatives of Digium, the company that is behind the Asterisk project will be present on 21 June 2017 at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City.

You can interact with them and in addition, as Gold sponsors of the event you will be able to approach the booth to get close to the specialists and experts in everything related to the world and offer DIGIUM Asterisk.

How to Attend the event and meet with Representatives DIGIUM

To attend the event all you have to do is request your entries in the following box, at an affordable cost to the budget.

We bring together decision makers and investors in technology and telecommunications.

With this event we seek to strengthen the community of Open Source Unified Communications and disseminate innovation in emerging technologies. We are open spaces for collaboration and networking among the participants.

Exhibition – Discover the offer on the market with the current innovations of unified communications solution for small and medium- sized businesses, corporate and government.

Conferences – Listen to leaders and excellent speakers’ specialized in telecommunications technology, aimed at uniting the “nerd” with the interesting parts in simple language for organizations and businesses

Workshops – Learn from experts with vast experience in VoIP and telecommunications protocols open, once your doubts and take them to the meeting lists.

Hackathon – For the first time in BeFree opens the “HackBeFree” to college and university students to participate in another category to professionals to a marathon of development of applications based on Open Source with issabel. More information here.

For just $29.99 you can access this and more surprises in this great event not to be missed if:

  • Your company uses Unified Communications
  • Your company is looking for communications solutions
  • Your company uses Asterisk®
  • Your company uses products of digium
  • Your company seeks to Digium hardware
  • Your company wants to reduce telecommunications costs
  • Your company you want to improve your Customer Experience with communications
  • Your company depends on the technology
  • Your company needs to know flexible options for IP Telephony
  • Your company seeks to be upgraded without great investment
  • Your company is looking for partners in technology
  • Your company wants to distribute Open Source solutions
  • Your company does not want to disappear by 2020
  • Your company wants to train your engineering team
  • Your company is seeking to certify their engineers as dCAP – Digium Certified Asterisk Professional
  • Your company wants to expand with telecommunications
  • Your company makes use of IP Telephony
  • And more…

Do it already, let your place and write it on your calendar! All that value at your disposal to a personal investment really very low compared to international events of its kind.

All of this in support to the Open Source community around Asterisk…

Register Now to Attend The Unique Event Open Source telecommunications in Latin America We will count with the presence of official representatives of Digium, The Company Behind The Most Successful Project – Asterisk.

Date: Next 21 June
Location: Pepsi Center, Mexico City
Event Title: BeFree 2017 – “The Open Source Passport To The Internet of Things”


Organization BeFree

P.s.: Are you still hesitating? Request your personal access code “digium” without the quotation marks, to obtain a courtesy of $6.00 discount on the regular price of entry of 29.99 USD.